Week 2

Four weeks to go in the agent hunt. I'm hoping for good results. If not, I have four more attempts at trawling #MSWL on Twitter to sell Adapting.

The goal this week is 12K in Kingdom of Sand: Border of Bones. I also aim to have the Kitty Kondo finished by the end of this coming weekend.

I should be using the early hours at my current disposal to record some audio for Inter-Mission, but my throat is demanding a day of rest. Rattling around in the chill air might have done a number on me.

I wasn't completely freezing, though. Beloved loaned me a couple of jumpers from their wider days and they did an excellent job of insulation and protection from the flying paint spatter.

The Kitty Kondo has a roof! It has a skin, though it's up to me to finesse the fine details of stapling that skin into place. The next job is the walkway and the interior and then... then we finally get our baby kitty. Or kitties. I still don't know how Beloved plans to get a second feline.

Find out when we get there, I guess.

I have my thermals, I have my coat, I have my toob on and a fluffy hat and I still feel the chill seeping in. Life is not fair in the middle of winter :P

...now I'm cold and tired. Bleh.