Vote early, vote often

There's electoral kerfuffle around the world, it seems. Out here in sunny Queensland, in the wilds of Burpengary East, there's not only a national referendum, but a mayoral and council election.

Referendum - for the Americans in the audience - is where the politicians ask the entire nation a question and we answer 'yes' or 'no'. The most of either wins.

Currently, our political representatives get three years to fuck us around before they have to pretend to be nice in order to get in. They want an extra year of having their finger up the divot. They're asking us if they can have it.

It didn't really work for the GST, and I'm willing to bet it won't work on the four-year term, either.

They have ways of getting what they want, the bastards. And why they want to emulate the USA, owner of the least sensible electoral system, is completely beyond my reasoning. But then, if they were reasonable people, they wouldn't be in politics.

O, for a future where the people can fire a politician for not doing their job. Like the Swiss can.

Ah well. I can dream.

For everyone who can vote - please do so. You might not have the chance, next time.