Yes, I spelled that intentionally.

It's that time of year when the marketing push turns to love. Buy chocolates for the one you love. Buy flowers for the one you love. Buy this, buy that, show them you love them with...

Diamonds, flowers, gold, silver, wine, five-star dining, cars... they will attempt to equate money with love. That's because money can be reduced to numbers and that fits well with being able to quantify stuff.

Thing is...

I don't got the money for all that stuff. Beloved isn't into flowers or that much jewellery. We don't imbibe wine. Five star dining costs more than I've got and is likely too far away from where we are anyhow.

There's no movies we immediately want to see.

In brief, there's little I can do for my Beloved. Not a lot I can do to show them I love them. So... my plan is more or less to give them my most precious commodity - my time.

Don't spend your money this valentimes. Spend your time.