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Tuesday, Valentines Day

My love has been at work since last night. I'm still waiting for her to come home.

I have had a frustrating morning, trying to get the cover art done for the firkin anthology.

I've posted the Patreon stuff, I've done the meme. So now it's story time.

I shall be crawling off to cry about my failures after this.


Yes, I spelled that intentionally.

It's that time of year when the marketing push turns to love. Buy chocolates for the one you love. Buy flowers for the one you love. Buy this, buy that, show them you love them with...

Diamonds, flowers, gold, silver, wine, five-star dining, cars... they will attempt to equate money with love. That's because money can be reduced to numbers and that fits well with being able to quantify stuff.

Thing is...

I don't got the money

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