Up and down, up and down...

Once again, it's another trip to Maroochydore for Chaos' greater mental health. Good thing I got the paperwork done for that as soon as I could.

I have until August to chase down the paperwork for the paediatrician, and thereby gain Chaos some special schooling. All in-between de-mucking the house, teaching Chaos and Mayhem some good habits, and attempting to keep myself fit.

And writing a novel.

And building earrings and a small business in a niche market.

And getting samples ready for agents.

And getting my last book ready for beta-readers...

Some of these need outside help. And some are not helped by the fact that I accidentally mixed two nearly-identical colours that might actually be identical and I don't frelling know anything any more.


I really wish magic was real so some things would be easier.

And it doesn't help that Mayhem is questioning every last thing that I do, or ask him to do, or need someone else to do... He's at That Age where he thinks he knows everything but wants to know why everything is the way it is down to the nano-level. And I've already had jack of it.