Up and Down, Up and Down...

This week promises to suck. Not because anything else has mucked up my life, don't fret. Nope. This week sucks because...

The firkin school calendar is messy!

Some repressed lump of cartilage in the education department decided that the school year had to consist of four terms made up of ten weeks, interspersed with two-week-maximum holidays [december-january doesn't count] that are artfully arranged to match up with Xtian holiday periods despite separation of church and state...

Ev'rybody do th' hypocrisy ra-a-a-ag... Ahem.

We also have days like ANZAC day, in which the soldiers we sent off to fight for Mother England, back in the day, are memorialised, remembered, and the actual lessons of war forgot. Public holiday. Just like Easter Monday.

So this week, the start of another school week, begins on Tuesday and takes a break on Thursday because that's when ANZAC day is and - would it have killed anyone to have a week eleven in term 1?

Therefore addle-daddle dummins I have the enormously taxing task of remembering what day of the week it is. Because, unprompted, my little darlings will play YouTube, or games, and eat chocolate all day because that's the true meaning of Erastide, these days.

...yeah. I'm going to be messed the heck up.

Thanks for your patience.