Unexpected inconvenience

Today's sideways happenings are the direct result of a pupil-free day in both Chaos and Mayhem's schools. We found out about this via the radio because I never have the time to read the school newsletter.

Mayhem's school was empty of kids. Chaos' school was empty of kids. So long half an hour of our precious time, hello my little darlings having party time all over the house.

At least we got a walk in, this morning.

The local ants have decided to take over my desk, so now my job is to do all my blog stuff before the ants eat me, or I melt in the spring heat. Fun times.

Once upon a time, I'd get up when I woke up at 3AM and just do all that nonse. But now that I'm a role model for my little darlings, I have to be responsible and only attach myself to my compy once my work is done. And my work is making sure everyone else has their little fluffy butts pointed in the right direction.

It's a rough job. And I'm the only one willing to do it.

Meanwhile, we have most of Chaos' Halloween outfit within some degree of together. The battery pack solution involves a belt we had hanging around, three paperclips, and a little bit of sticky tape. I love ten-cent solutions to $30 problems.

My leet wirebending skills from years of buggering around with costume jewellery turned three paperclips into one ameteur battery-pack holster, which will be concealed under Chaos' costume singlet/dress. I also turned one paperclip into a new hanger for my costume's light-up heart. Now all I need to do is make certain everything is powered up and we're all good.

And now for the tricky part. Getting my best-Beloved to actually use the solar dryer instead of the electronic one. As well as keeping an entire household sane for an unexpected day off.