The light is starting to go from the mornings, which means that the cooling of the air shall commence in a few months. The country is still incendiary for about three to four months, maybe more if climate change has anything to do with it.

...it probably will...

Meanwhile, the biggest mob of xenophobic dicks in this country is getting mega funding some someone - lord alone knows who, but I'm betting on some bodies corporate. Decent people couldn't possibly want to fund the outrageous isolationism inherent in One Nation.

At least, I hope they're not.

Since I got the non-interaction rejection just three days ago, I am doing this nonsense again:

[Gif of Daffy Duck as Robin Hood repeatedly smashing into a tree]

...and scouring #MSWL for potential people who might want Adapting. Four more to go.

For now, though, I am due to watch for Chaos' bus. Stay tuned for story and stuff.