Today is going to be "fun"

Here's what I know:

Capt S. is coming up via train to celebrate KIABIL's birthversary and, to a lesser extent, mine.

Here's what I don't know:

  • Where
  • When
  • How
  • Who's expected to cater
  • Will there be cake?

Because nobody tells me anything.

And I still have to scratch up an Instant for y'all, but my fluffy little brain wants to look at fanart of my favourite asshole elf, Taako. You know, from TV? And continuing on with that fanfic that's possessed me right now.

Tomorrow promises to be "fun", too. Because cleaning day plus pupil-free day at both my kids' schools, plus all the other noise. I promise to at least try and post the cover progression for Monday's Patrons.

And speaking of technical difficulties, Streemian was down, yesterday, and I couldn't schedule my Blasts from the Past. I can but hope that it's back up today. Fingers crossed.

I really don't need to post the Blasts by hand. That's a pain in my butt.