'Tis the Day After Christmas...

...And all on the roads,

Are the people driving,

Who prob'ly drank loads...

I took MeMum home this early AM with a hope that we wouldn't cross paths with the really dangerous dickheads and thereby give her more stress than she ever needed for the rest of her life.

And then... not even halfway to Costco...

Doodling the wrong way along an off ramp, using the lane, seemingly completely unaware that they were GOING THE WRONG WAY... there's this Ute. Lucky there was hardly anyone else on the road at the time, but holy shit. HOLY SHIT, folks.

Last I saw of this car, they were at the exit lane and apparently pondering their life choices. This seen via my rear view mirror.

This person, whoever they were, has now won the Gold Cup of Numptyness.

The previous prizewinner has held this position since the early 90's and was a lady my Da and I saw doing her hair in the rear view with both hands whilst in the driver's seat, whilst the car was moving. Da beeped at her like "wake up" and she just used her accelerator. I have not seen a bigger numpty on the roads until today.

You have to be a pretty big numpty to get on my winners' board, folks. I've seen some humdingers.

Today, we're staying off the roads for the most part, though there is a showing of Aquaman that we have advanced tix for. Fingers crossed that the numpties have gone back to their caverns by then.

Instant soon. TAZ fanfiction maybe. Not working on my novel at all this week. I'll see about next week if I feel like it.