Thursday, Woes Incoming

Things are not looking great for Capt. S. The cancer is killing her appetite and she needs to eat to have the energy to fight the bloody thing. Too bad that medical cannabis is still illegal in our neck of the woods.

Watching someone spiral out of this world is no picnic. Beloved had to rush to the hospital from work and then drive back late at night because there were no rentable bedrooms anywhere.

Functioning on TWO HOURS' SLEEP, poor darling.

I'm going to have to tell her to barge in for sleep when she needs it instead of staying up all night.

I'm in a position to nap during the day if I need it. She's not.

Life sucks. Parts of it didn't have to suck, but some people would rather have more money than a better world around them. The bit that sucks the worst is that I can't do a bloody thing to make it better.

Shoulder to cry on. Arms to embrace. Ear to bend. I can be there for her, and that's the very least of it.

Onwards to my PLNs to bombard publishers with my horseshit.