This time for sure

All my gassing yesterday came to exactly nowt. The doctor's phone was engaged. I ran out of both impetus and spoons to go do the book thing. And the floor never got swept.


BUT... I did get more nibbling done. And I have to re-nibble the kitchen countertop before encouraging some of my family to help clear off the fridge-top because the stuff up there is bad.

No more hoarding egg cartons. Nobody wants them any more. Best to recycle them when I can. Keep five in the craft room, tops. No more than that. Today... I am going to enlist Beloved in helping me out with the books at least. They need to get sorted.

Other good news - I got to recalibrate the pedometer in my phone. So now I have a more accurate count of the steps I take. Once I have an average, I can set myself some sane goals.

And as for income... Beloved and I are looking at a few angles that I can do in the comfort of my own home. Preferably between bouts of both nibbling and actual writing. It's initially confusing stuff, but we're in the 'looking at it' stage, which is basically researching all possible options before making a decision. So it's gone past gas and is starting to precipitate.

I'm wary of money-making schemes that filter down to plebe level. They either become illegal or they get squashed or turn out to be not that great for the people stuck at the bottom rung. I've seen more than a few. And my red-flag is the multiple masks of "get rich quick".

But this avenue isn't like that. It's "earn a little bit more over an extended length of time". And the income you receive is related closely to how much attention you pay to it. It doesn't smell like a scam, and I've had more than a few scams cross my path. I'm vary wary about where my money goes.

And, frankly, nibbling money into my bank account has to be at least worth the novelty value. It feels like a good habit, rather than the usual 'cast your bread upon the waters' deal that only does the ducks any good at all.

[Yeah I know that you're supposed to feed ducks veggie scraps, but this went with the metaphor]

And all the rain we've been getting has been great for the new garden. My plants are loving it. I love the rain, too. It's been keeping this summer nice and cool without instigating any flooding. Beautiful.

But today - today is definitely for school supplies whilst we have moneys.