This time for sure...

I skipped out on buying mince for last night's dinner. Fortunately, Beloved had invested in a leg of lamb at some point in the past, so we were set.

Yesterday... wore me out.

And it wasn't anything new. At all. It was just... crowded.

The round trip to Mayhem's school. Waiting for Chaos' bus. Round trip to the bank because I forgot to get this weeks' money... Then I barely get a breath and it's cleaning time.

After that, I spent the rest of my afternoon before the second brat run working on my novel, Clockwork Souls. Then more driving and waiting for a bus and then I was wrecked.

I do not travel well.

And apparently, yesterday's perambulations were a little bit much for me.

Luckily, I had the presence of mind to put a lamb leg in the oven before I conked out for the afternoon. And double-luckily, Beloved came home before it all burned so they could do the veggies and pinch-hit on the serving and all.

Dinner was firkin Delicious and there's hardly any of it left. I caught Chaos sucking on some lamb bones before I went to bed on a permanent basis.

I have seven minutes to stare at Shiny Elf stuff before it's time for another Brat Run.

But this time, I will get to call the bank and post the Patreon stuff.