Things done, things to do, things in waiting...

Checklists have this way of growing and mutating if you're not watching them.


  • [X] Hat repaired
  • [X] Chaos' bodysuit futzed with
  • [X] Makeup organised (more or less)

But still to do is:

  • [ ] Garden watering system
  • [ ] Unmuck the kitchen gizmo's cupboard
  • [ ] Fix the heart rig
  • [ ] Chaos' chest gem (entire)

The last of these includes doing the wiring and batteries, printing the case, and arranging a way to attach it to Chaos' chest without visible means of support.

We have a fun weekend planned and less than $100 to arrange all of this because bills.

Fun times.

I could plausibly raid my dreams account again, but that shiznit is getting old. I was almost up to getting an official kazookaphone from Steam Powered Giraffe.

But if all goes well, I should have something in the way of money coming in once I get that short list of potential agents to fling my work at.

And if all of that is done, I have very little standing between me and motivating myself to get mental help at long firkin last.

MAN I am good at procrastinating that one.