The Waiting Game

I have one agent left of the three I sent my queries off to. One who has no turn-around time and no indicator of whether or not they'll get back to me.

Streemian is still down and out for the count.

The next step of my power down happens in three days.

And the soonest my bank is taking calls is Monday.

So my schedule is:

  • Monday, call bank, get network banking fixed up
  • Also clean the house and do the school stuff and everything else
  • Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, check my Steemit wallet to see how much Steem I have
  • Check daily to see whether or not Streemian is back up
  • Wait for that agent-borne sword of damocles to come down vis-a-vis representation with bated breath
  • Once that happens, follow whatever the next step might be.

It's weird that I dread failure as much as I fear success.