The wait begins

I could not recover the email that my system ate. Woe. So I rewrote it. And sent it. And now I am merely attempting to not perish from the sheer anxiety of it.

8th House, the first publisher on the block, has stated nothing about simultaneous submissions nor a turn-around time. Darn. I feel like I should wait until September before trying another publisher, repeat in October, and then lurk off the radar until February. Thus avoiding the stench of NaNo.

Nothing against NaNoWriMo. It's an excellent exercise for everyone who's "always wanted to write a book one day". One: it shows you how tough it actually is. Two: you get goals and achievements out of it no matter the circumstances. Three: even getting as far as 50K shows you that it can be done.


Four: It also puts the kibosh on the pro level people because publishers and agents are swarmed with (a) last year's NaNo novels, (b) this year's NaNo novels, (c) any kind of unedited very slim technically-novel written by someone with stars in their eyes who has obviously never done this before.

So from November to February, I put all my effort into my WIPs and don't look at publishers for the duration. That's four months of not stressing, and I could use that, to be honest.

Tomorrow, I'm seeing my shrink again. Art output: nil. Emotional stability: nil. Anxiety: still fuckin' there. It would be NICE if I had something to show off, but... nah.

Things like that happen some times.