The Leylands' Tour

It was a very full day, yesterday. I got a driving tour of Dijabringabeeralong1, followed by a scenic trip to Historical Pannington where the opportunity to get a slight share of Aussie gold and gemstones had shut before we got there.

Nevertheless, a good time was actually had, because there were other attractions and I got to absorb some philosophy on the general layout of quiet country towns depending entirely on how small they are.

Bigger little towns have the pub, town hall, church and general store on one corner each of the main crossroads. Some little towns don't even get a main crossroads. They get one building that serves the multiple purpose of general store, post office, and communications hub because the one bus stop and phone booth are just outside.

Craft shops seem to be more of a staple in little towns. Possibly because there's a lack of much else going on to fill in time. Between small towns and Etsy, I don't think handicrafts are ever going to completely die out.

Today's going to be a lot less hassle. Just a little bit of shopping at most and some jiggery-pokery as I teach my friendo some finer Keto recipes.

At least, that's the pln for today.

  1. For all new readers: any time I'm in my friendo's neck of the woods, I use blatantly fake place names to protect their location and identity because abusive ex.