That wasn't too horrible...

Shoes, socks and jocks for my little darlings managed to slide barely underneath $200, this time. Which means I have roughly $200 to focus on nommables for their lunchboxes, dinners for us, and the inevitable restocking of tissues.

And thanks to the brand new freezer, we have a lot of space for all kinds of nommables. Which means we might just have a chance of getting that dead sheep that we've been gassing about since firkin NOVEMBER.

I still have to re-stock on some supplements - sigh. And see about getting my meds re-prescribed. AND see about getting Chaos' melatonin.

Good points: I now own a pair of thongs that promise not to fall apart within thirty seconds. Which means I can take showers again. Using my old Fitflops was good while it lasted, but the leather shrank to the point where my ginormous feet couldn't fit in them and that was that.

I can plausibly have a shower and then go on my walk in the early AM before anyone else has to wake up.

Bad point: This will have to change when winter rolls around. Early AM will be for showers and the obligatory nibbling, and I will get my walk done when there's light enough to see by and time enough for it to be convenient.

My poor little darlings are already sick and tired of going shopping, but this is the state of affairs during the last days before school. Making sure we all have everything.

Chaos' sunburn is worse than I initially expected, so one of today's essentials is going to be a bunch of aloe stuff. Preferably in a bucket.

So, all in all, it's the same old same old...