Tech support, lost prompts, and other chaotic things.

One of my prompts has gone missing, and I swear I didn't touch it.

When I'm done with today, I'm going to add procedure into the pinned notice in my prompts arena. But it's going to be "if your prompt vanishes, I didn't do that. Just repost that mofo and be cool."

As soon as I'm done with today's Instant, I am rounding up the family and getting them all prepped to go see MeMum for a birthday visit. Which includes yarn by request and tech support just because.

And this means that I won't have much time for fanficcing. So today's post over at AO3 is pretty much it. Enjoy.

In health news - we found a nice supply of diet drinks and I over-indulged. I think they had xylitol or any of the other sugar alcohols in it because my guts are trying to evacuate themselves. Fun.

Meanwhile, I have my Instant to brew up.