You Too Can Win

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I'm running contest

I'm pretty darn close to having 300 followers who aren't porn blogs, so I'm doing a thank you give-away of both books and hand-made earrings. Follow the link for all details.

So not only do you have a chance of winning some excellent writing but also some of my hand-made jewelry featured in the original post. Get to it, dear readers!

In other news, I have recently heard that my stories are excellent cures for at least one relative's insomnia. Thanks. I still laughed when I heard it, though. It cheers me up to know that I can help someone get to sleep.

I also have some new whack theories about Pink Diamond and the rest of the diamonds, which I will be sharing over on my tumblr where you can enter to win some books or bling. Of course, wild mass guessing happens only after I've done my instant story, so stay tuned.