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Challenge #01797-D336: Permanent Record

Make up a new character (or use one you’ve already created) and describe them only with documents like their shopping list, the main points of their divorce papers, their apartment lease, their recent Amazon purchases, and so on. Say as much as you can about the character without actually directly describing them. -- Illuminate-Prompts

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Dear Diary,

This is it. This is the day I expose HACK-meyer as the fraud he is. It's the perfect plan. Let him bullshit while I play window-dressing. If he has that other half of my formula, I'll know in a second. Those military goons don't care about math, but they have a few NASA grade nerds who will.

They're bound to buttonhole him for the final half. And then I'll correct his fucking math in front of God and everyone. Show him up for the useless balding showboat that he is. And bring out my notebook from the locker as proof. It's perfect. Nothing can go wrong.

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