Writing As Fast As I Can

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Holy fuck, I have an itinerary

Busy day today. At least, for my standards of "busy".

Gotta take Mayhem only to school, then turn around and take the cat to the vet. With the potential for UNEXPECTED BILL$$$$. Then I have to drop the cat back home before I take Chaos off to faraway Caloundra for a pediatric appointment.

Said appointment is free - yay!

BUT it will also decide how much financial assistance we get, if any - booo.

And the nice people I was advised to contact about help for ASD kids in my area have not contacted me back and I'm quietly wondering if I did something wrong or if I should try again and potentially make a worse faux pas.

Anxiety is not fun, dear readers.

And with not enough money until this afternoon [A tank of petrol costs $50. I may be expected to pay for nibbles. Plus Beloved paid an unknown amount for resources for dinner, last night. That's my money GONE.] I'm in a perpetual state of tension until such time as the shared bank account has resources in it again.

There won't be much left of the day before I have to go and fetch Mayhem back home. So I'm writing as much as I can as fast as I can.

AND to top everything off, Mayhem is in the middle of a "holy crap I didn't do my work and now I'm scared to show my face at school" anxiety-related sickness attack.

He needs help for that. At least I pegged the source.

I can relate. I had my share of anxiety-triggered stress illness. Chief among them were migraines that obscured and then eliminated all but my peripheral vision for hours on end. And I know the solution, but he has to accept it in himself.

The thing he is stressing about is never as big as his imagination makes it to be.

It's surprisingly tough to learn.

I need to get a rattle on.