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Chaos needs Adventures

Chaos has been feeling neglected, lately. She's getting more and more upset about having to cope by herself and less communicative about her woes.

Mayhem has been having friends over, getting calls etcetera. And Chaos feels that she'd going to be abandoned, poor thing.

The good news is that the banks should finally be open, so I may use that bag of coins for a little adventure or two. Maybe go see The Good Dinosaur and Hotel Transylvania 2 and do a little bit of shopping therapy. Depending entirely on how Nanna intended said loose change to be spent.

Yeah. We have that kind of arrangement. You should have been clued in by the funding of dead sheep parts.

Plus it's kind of rare that I get money-for-fun, so having lucre to spend irresponsibly is kind of a big deal for me.

[You too can fund some fun times or even basic necessities, blablabla, paypal button, yaddayadda, please help us, yikkadikkadingdong]

Beloved has definitely had enough of their current workplace. And I totally grok, because they're a bunch of numb-knuckles. They don't know what they've got with my brilliant Beloved, and they abuse their perfectionism way too often for my liking.

Which means that the both of us will be Indie very soon indeed. If I ever needed a break from the cosmos, about now would be a very good time. Proper publication, my hands firmly on the bottom rung of the great long ladder to success. A sudden flood of kind peeps who want to buy everything I have to sell.

Something. Anything. To help improve our general lot. Preferably without tragedy attached.

I've had enough of tragedy. I've had enough of life slapping me and mine in the face. It's our firkin turn for some good news, damnit.

Not that it works that way, of course. Life is not fair. Anyone telling you different is trying to sell you something.

For now, I need to focus on my work. And what I can do for Chaos. She needs more love.