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Payday at last!

THIS time it's actually payday. We will have moneys with which to buy stuff.

And it will all be going on shoes, socks and jocks. Huzzah.

Well. Some of it will be going on essentials to put in our NEW FRIDGE (yay) that is costing us $25/week in payment installments (boo).

I swear, if I start making regular money from my writing [You know, besides the roughly $2.20 I make from my sales of The Amity Incident] I would pretty much instantly put it towards this fridge because we firkin need it.

But for now, I make sure that our little darlings have comfy footwear and maybe try and investigate some orthopedic sandals for my good self. You know. Just in time for winter. At least I have a pair of thongs I could plausibly take a shower in, so that's a little something for my self-care regime.

There's lots I have to stock up on, too. Supplements, meds, sandwich stuffings, brain breaks... at least we have enough poppas to last us a bit. And enough plastic spoons to confuse a goat.

What I need to do is make myself continue the Great Nibbling all over the house. Despite my desperate pleas for help, the family is not contributing to household upkeep. Sigh.

And I'm spiralling because I didn't have a selfish day, this weekend. Blargh. I know I'm spiralling, but... trying to summon the energy to tell my family this is... demoralising. Hell, I'm even getting gloomy about shiznit that I've already dealt with, like Chaos getting into my current Minecraft world and griefing my farm and cobble machine. I fixed that. But I still get depressed about it? What?

I'm messed up. I know it.

I must appeal to my nearest and dearest for emotional support. Gotta get used to asking for help. Life is a multiplayer game and was never meant to be singleplayer.