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Challenge #04016-J363: Eldritch Custody

A: So you have three parents? How does that even work?

B: You might want to sit down. Ok my Bio-mom made a deal with a witch for arcane knowledge or something like that, while the witch didn’t know that she already made a deal with a demon to have his Child; which is me, in exchange for eternal youth.

A: How does that even work? Who do you live with? Who'd even have custody?

B: IDK they worked it out, I used to live with witch-mom before moving out. Dad kinda chill he visited every other weekend and second x-mas.

A: So you’re okay with that situation?

B: Are you kidding? I got arcane magic fuelled by demonic power, and bio-mom teaches me about “magical tax evasion” -- Anon Guest

[AN: I have seen this Tumblr post lol]

Iryn's birth mother hadn't aged a day. Of course not. She'd traded Iryn's existence for immortality and eternal youth. "Shouldn't get one without the other, kiddo," she said about the whole deal. "Eternal youth ain't worth shit if you're still going to die from your body giving up. Immortality without eternal youth would get painful after just a couple of decades."

"I already have a demonic lifespan, Charmain," Iryn had been encouraged by all hir parents to call hir birth-mother by her name. "That's measured in eons."

"Do you age?" said Charmain.

Iryn could only shrug. "Dad still looks the same and he's like... old as the world?"

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