We Can Be a Big Pig Too

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This Not-So-Little Piggy...

We have gone the whole hog. Purchased an entire pig. It's all in chops and we just spent a majority of the morning separating all of it into serving-sized portions for the ravenous horde.

It's knocked a hole in our budget, for sure, but we'll be spending less in the long run this way.

Tonight, though, there is going to be a lovely pork soup. We've taken the bones out of a lot of our chops for ease of the grill press, and they're all in the stockpot and in the process of becoming a delicious, porky broth.

Later, I shall retrieve some sugarloaf cabbage and a cauliflower or two and, once the meat's fallen off the bones, I'll get the bones out and put the veg in. In combination with celery and carrots, it should come out lovely.

In the meantime, I have to juggle bagging up the last serving-sized baggies, because our new vacuum bagger machine refuses to do more than four bags in a row, for reasons I can not possibly fathom.

That shouldn't take me too very long. I hope. And then I get around to todays Instant in the afternoon ffs.

It's been a long time mucking about with this pig.