We Are Messed Up Here

A 2-post collection

Monday holiday

The kids have a long weekend. Beloved and I don't.

That's the way of things, I guess.

Today is a cleaning day, and it might not even happen because spotty flooding is already happening in the area. Rainy season has begun, and that means periodic flooding. Bad enough to close some roads, but not bad enough to stop most things that give me life.

So there will be posts. Steemit and Patreon. And the usual installment in my novel. Assuming I can focus on anything other than that asshole elf I adopted. Laugh now.

I have absolute SCADS of that to post on Tuesday. Lucky for the $5 Patrons then.

No arting is happening today. None happened in the past weekend. I'm braving myself up to do some Zero Effort comics. I'm dragging my arse on those and I know it.

I need to brave myself up for lots of things.

The good news about my life is that I'm getting loads of followers on my author tumblr which means more book sales and potentially more Patrons. Which means edging ever closer to my goals of potentially a new computer. Or a new lease of life on the old one and lots of shiny things.

I still haven't looked up the next agents to contact. I'm a coward there. If y'all know an agent who might actually represent me... and get me out into bookshops everywhere... then do let me know.

I'm starting to think my fandom will be better at this than that agency I paid $400 to.

It's gone nine. I should try and focus on my work.

starlingsongs:starlingsongs:Of all the things I keep trying to tell cis people, "don't presume your child's gender" is the one that they...



Of all the things I keep trying to tell cis people, “don’t presume your child’s gender” is the one that they consistently, deliberately refuse to understand and it is so deeply telling.

You cannot truly understand the transgender experience, and cannot count yourself an ally, until you accept that the trauma of being transgender is not inherent, it is a product of being coerced into thinking that you had absolutely no choice but to be the gender you

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