Way Too Much Fun

A 1-post collection

Zantabraxus and Gil - making up for lost time.


Zeetha stared out the porthole. Unbidden tears fell down her face.

“Are you hurt?” Agatha managed. It had been a rough landing of a pod never meant to fly. Zeetha was lucky she was upright. Agatha and Gil were still turned about and tangled in their impromptu rewiring.

“I’m… home…”

Agatha got herself untangled with a loud thud, peered out the porthole. The jeweled towers of Skifander shone in the dawn light. A glistening cohort of Skifandran soldiers were approaching at high speed. And behind them, the palanquin of the Queen herself.

“It’s the Queen. Mother!” Zeetha wrenched Gil out of the wires as she raced  for the exit. “Just wait until she finds out you’ve been alive all this time!”



“Any other ideas, O mighty princess?”

“Just keep running!”

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