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Challenge #03440-I152: Practice Makes Perilous

Several individuals go into caves and start hunting the Kobolds. But instead of harming them, the wooden blades are covered in red dye as they teach the Kolbolds how to better defend themselves, how to hide better, while others teach some Kobolds healing magic to treat the wounded. -- Anon Guest

It was chaos. The entire warren was in disarray. Kobolds scattered in all directions. The caverns, tunnels, and chambers alike echoed with the screams of hundreds of the burrowing dragons. Peasants with torches and swords in hand strode through the tumbling masses, swinging wildly. They needed no skill to strike down the little creatures.

One fell into a pit, and a cloud of red powder erupted from the depths. Coughing and cursing soon followed.

One of the Kobolds, cackling in glee, leaned over the edge to crow, "You're dead! You're dead!"

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