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Challenge #02395-F205: In Search of a Meaning

"Hey, Internutter, what's my story? Where am I and what am I doing here? I would really like to know." -- Anon Guest

Oh, shit. It's one of those. Every author gets them, sooner or later. The character who has to argue with everything, including their author. Fanfiction dot net used to be rife with them back in the day. The fact that it's happening now? After so much time spent honing my wordsmithery? That's embarrassing.

"Hey, I'm talking to you. Pay attention and make up your mind about something, already. Stop monologuing and get on with it!"

Rude. I like to take my time about things. Names, for a start. Are you alien or Human, which world am I writing for or is this a new one? What naming conventions am I going with or is this a mouthfeel day? I mean, with this attitude and all, I could go for something ironic. Pax. I like the sound of that. A belligerent character named Pax.

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