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Challenge #03152-H243: We Value Our Employees...

A CEO was BRUTAL to their workforce, to say the least. Suddenly, as if they had all become one hivemind: every man, woman, and child - it seemed like - on the entire colony called to the CRC. They sent drop ships and picked everyone up. Given how distant this world was, despite the fact it was THE most valuable resource planet in the CEO's portfolio, they didn't realize it had completely stopped producing for almost two days. When they went to see what the problem was they saw not a single living person left there, even the security forces, who'd also had enough, said "to banes with this," and had left. -- Lessons

Ylang Tinchure had lived by the holy word of prosperity doctrine. He was one of the leading CEOs in Greater Deregulation Upper West-by-Northwest. It was almost ludicrously easy to manipulate the working resources. Divide them by strict strata, and conquer their minds with the right kind of propaganda. Keep the grunts afraid, keep the guards vicious, and above all dangle thin and vague hope like a carrot on a stick. Just out of anyone's reach.

Of course he employed the media he owned in creating feel-good fluff pieces about completely imaginary peons finding some small success or helping out their neighbours. Every now and again, a fictitious war or a phantom terrorist would keep them patriotic enough to keep sweating away for their daily rations.

It had worked for years. That is, until Resoursica V.

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