This Sucks

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Yesterday was disaster time. Especially in the evening.

  • Knocked myself sideways trying to create order out of the chaos that is our spare room
  • All fucking day
  • Was only able to get that day's Instant in during the time that our lovely cleaner person had to go and rescue her daughter.
  • Fucked up at least one public post linking to it by linking to one that I'd done earlier -_-
  • Pretty much immediately had to fetch Mayhem by the time the cleaning was done
  • Handed important tasks off to Mayhem so I could wait for Miss Chaos to arrive by bus
  • Therapeutic colouring in. Yay!
  • Only to discover that Mayhem had decided to employ this half hour looking at his phone. Confiscated same, yelled at son to put on the firkin dinner
  • Wrote 500 words
  • Son of mine still hadn't put on dinner until FRIKKIN 5PM which meant that dinner would not be ready until after 8. Which is a half hour beyond the kiddies' bed time.
  • Beloved informed me of this in a very angry voice
  • Argument for the better part of two fucking hours about whose fault it is when we should have been talking about what to do in regards to actual food before bedtime.
  • Eventually had steak
  • Turns out the kids helped themselves to some REALLY RARE ROAST anyway
  • And then got a slice of the done roast when they should have been in bed ;_;
  • Which means we BARELY have enough roast beef for four people in order to have a decent dinner tonight
  • Woke up at 3AM and my body decided that now was the best time in the world to (a) sneeze like fuck and (b) be super-disturbed by the least little noise.\
  • Finally ease into sleep only for the alarms to go off.

So yeah. This morning sucks. And I still have to at least attempt to get the house to stay away from entropy when it's already snowing entropy all over every available surface. AND chase Mayhem into doing his fucking work.

God, I hate this.