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Glorb: It's what's for breakfast

So I usually call soup-and-bread-mush 'glorb' and is one of my very many horrible food choices.

But I've come up with a healthy one.

Two Weet Bix, one snack-sized tub of fruit, and enough almond milk to turn it all into moosh. Voila. Brekkie Glorb. At 995 kilojoules and whole grain goodness, it's the best start to the day that I can manage.

...and then I go and make my heinously over-sugared coffee...

But I am looking after myself. I even have plans to finally get in contact with those counselors that I've been gassing about since... yikes.

Procrastination is my copilot.

Good newses:

  • Chaos qualifies for free government braces
  • The drip hose for my garden is alive, once more, and apparently functioning as advertised. Which means we only need one drip hose and assorted connections
  • I'm actually getting into the swing of things with keeping the house entropy-free
  • I now have a means of monitoring the 3D printer while it's going and I'm writing

Bad newses:
* I'm almost out of cashola and we still need ingredients

Fun times ahead. I've scratched up $100 with which to get some shiz together and then burrow under a rock until we get paid again.