The Button

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Challenge #01418-C323: The Button

"You should have told me what that button did."

"You shouldn't have pressed it!"

"I wouldn't have pressed it if i knew what it did!" -- OohLookShiny

"Just. Why?" said Holly.

"It was big and red and said don't touch on it," said the Doctor. "You can't understand what a raw temptation that is."

"Maybe there was a reason it was like that," argued Holly. "You don't touch big red buttons that tell you not to touch them."

"You don't touch big red buttons that tell you not to touch them. Me? I have to find out why you shouldn't touch them. And that--" he pointed to the now open containment cells, "--might have been a pretty good reason."

Holly looked, down along the massive array of glass-fronted cells, every single door was opening and every single occupant was realising that they had been living in a paradise of their own making.

And slightly less than half of them began fighting with slightly less than the other half. The small remainder banded together in a desperate attempt to get out of it alive.

Holly glared at the Doctor.

He bit his lip and muttered, "...whoops..."

She kept glaring at the Doctor.

"All right, all right. I'll go fix it."

"Yes. Good," said Holly.

"And you're helping."


"You're my assistant. Assist me."

"You're the one who pressed the button..."

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