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Challenge #01744-D283: The Allure

He was always the cool guy, best clothes, best attitude - He didn't get the girl. The class Dork the one who watched weird stuff, wore Those T shirts did. When the chips are down who can you rely on? -- Anon Guest

Travis was the pretty boy, and the bad boy. The rebel without a clue, as some of the teachers said. He always had a skateboard and could miraculously make it vanish before a teacher saw it. He could cuss and get away with it. He always looked smooth, talked smooth, and had a glib wit ready to go at all times.

He acted like he never needed anyone, which was part of being cool. And it was a good thing the act was so believable, because he hardly got to hang around with anyone. It drove him to distraction, in the end.

Because all the girls liked Melvin. The nerdiest kid on, or off the planet.

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