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Challenge #01217-C122: Curses!

:when a person who has been living with their curse for some time decides to stand up for the abused, and Sanctioned Mages try to put them down:

Spell slinging against a cursed one and a legendary sword. How hard can it be? -- RecklessPrudence

The words had come in anger and magic. Latching onto her soul. Devouring her destiny with simple words, "You will fail at every one of your stated goals."

It hadn't meant much, at first. Her goals had been simple and easy to fox. People had not been cruel to her about it. But the Sorceress Malevolentia's minions knew who their mistress had cursed and they were cruel about it.

They made young Dahlia promise them things that were easy to achieve, and punished her when she inevitably failed. And they laughed.

But what they didn't know was that Dahlia was clever. She went wandering, seeking out things that might help her curse. And then, when it became clear that her curse was unbreakable, she learned something important. Only the words she said mattered.

So whenever Dahlia stated her intent... she lied.

"If I were to explore that dungeon, I would leave the legendary sword where it lies. I only wish to see it." And of course she came away with the sword of legend.

"I have no desire to fight," and of course she emerged from the battlefield victorious.

"I cannot promise victory," and of course victory came.

And, after a battle she promised to fight to a stalemate, after breaching the castle she promised not to attack, after slaughtering the guards she promised to spare, Dahlia confronted Malevolentia.

"I've no desire to have my curse lifted," said Dahlia.

"Good," said Malevolentia. "I've no desire to lift it." She laughed. "They call you the Queen of Lies, now, little barmaid. That's quite an appellation. But did you honestly think that I would be included in your curse?"

"Did you honestly think I'd leave it at that? Fight me, then. See what I have."

And what she had was other curses. Other mages, outraged by her lies, had cursed her. They had cursed her well. And every single one of them could be used in her favour if she just thought about it.

And she also had a magic sword with no other purpose to strike into the heart of evil.

Dahlia had another appellation. The Cursed Queen. And she lived with that for the rest of her days.

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Challenge #01208-C113: The Battered Knight -- Gallifreya

Every time she passed that one suit of armour in the hallway, there was always the smell of Rosemary. Princess Marille had inspected it, once or twice, in her youth. There was not a single scrap of Rosemary anywhere near or inside the shell of that battered old knight.

She had asked her tutors, once, why her family kept that scarred and dented armour when all the other suits of armour were so

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