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Payday! And other reasons to be happy...

I have a giant Toblerone and undaunted enthusiasm. The sugar has done things to me and because this happened, I went and made this happen.

Yeah. SPG has a reddit forum and I am a hopeless little weeabot.

That, and I love libariproject's art to infitessimal pieces.

I shall be securing noms, today. Cheap noms, of course. Because budgets are a thing. One more payday and I can consider actually buying culch, beads, and whatnot from AliExpress. And then I can make a few things to potentially sell. And then I can look up how the firk to do an Etsy store or whatever seems like the best bet.

I already know that eBay can go screw themselves. Preferably with a pineapple. They take so much in fees and charges that it's not worth the bother of selling anything there at all.

Starting a store to spread some good is not good if I can't afford to keep it going. I have to charge for replacement parts, time fiddling, and storefront fees. It's a reality we all have to face.

I'm already planning to keep costs down on my end by selecting things (a) on sale and (b) with free shipping. Alas, I might have to force my customers to pay for shipping and handling. I don't know how any of this works, so bare with me as we all wander through what is probably going to be a very steep learning curve.

And I'm going to have to juggle that and my journey towards being a Pro Author on the Dead Tree circuit.

I might have bitten off more than I can chew.

We shall see.