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Challenge #03636-I348: A Thousand and One Uses

"Please don't."

"What are you talking about?"

"I know that look, I realize this is a hijacking, but don't do it."

"Aw, but it'll be fun!"

"Do I need to remind you of how many hours you spent in decontamination?"

"Fine! I'll go and stop them in the normal bloody suit. You're no fun!" -- Anon Guest

Humans and their fun. They leaped off of tall things with only special suits and good timing to stop a fatal splat at the other end. They imbibed toxic chemicals in order to achieve altered states of mind. They invented creative new ways to go very, very fast, and countless methods of simulated combat.

Small wonder then that these dangerous monkeys thought that a hijacking was going to be an entertaining break in routine.

Human Yair pouted, face visible through their Everyday Livesuit. One made specifically to keep their toxic effluvium contained. Keeping everything else out was the job of the heftier suit. Currently locked away near the airlocks.

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