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Challenge #02865-G308: Actively Seeking Trouble

a continuation of this

“Yes a child would be perfect for unforeseen flaws.” Threp chuckled. Glorz glad seeing that their friend is chucking. Another person slides themselves in to the conversation “so, how many laws and regulations would this violate?” Threp replied “I remember humans have something called CPS by their standards, many.” -- Anon Guest

Threp and Glorz stared at Faera, who added, "Considering child labor laws, it may be more expensive to hire Human neophytes. Though they are a one-size-fits-most solution, the long term consequences may be detrimental."

Starting with Human young growing up with the knowledge of how to sabotage various species' livesuits. Probably taking a tour through extant child protection laws amongst the regional Human population.

"Well cheese[1], there goes that angle," grumped Threp. "We'll probably be better off hiring focus groups of specific Humans. Worse, it's going to take longer."

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