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Challenge #02406-F216: Fight For Friendship

I now have two goals: kill the gods and lift [Name] out of depression. -- RecklessPrudence

It is a terrible thing to have ones gods betray you. The Lady of Death has but one philosophy, so she tends to listen to those who are loyal to her. The Goddess of life and creation, on the other hand, has a lot of Views about who her worshippers should associate with.

By showing mercy to a Gnoll, Tan the Merciless has been forsaken by his god. He... has not taken it well. If he wishes to work the will of his Goddess, he must try and hope that she misremembers who his allies are. His Lady has a unique hatred of Gnolls like me, and she will hear no defences.

I started with one goal - to survive one more day. Now that that goal is guaranteed, and my friend has his troubles because of me... I have two goals, now: kill the gods, and lift Tan the Merciless out of his depression.

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