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Challenge #01277-C182: One Survivor

How much Buffy Speak can you get in one story? -- Gallifreya

Kay so like, me and the scooby gang were in napville over our one-starbucks town. It should'a been like a major stress drain to take the van and head for otherwhere, you know?

We didn't plan. Just cram the van with munchies and drinkables and pick a street and split down 'till we got somewhere dollsome or otherwise chill, y'know? Have an adventure.

Wish that genie would book.

Not that I wanna pull a guiltapalooza, but Kyle totally called for the Addams Family house in the middle of nowhere. Y'know Kyle. Total Zeppo. Everyone was on it but me, and I didn't wanna poop that party.

Nobody was in, the doors didn't have locks, and the place was a total tinglefest. We were looking to go lost weekending? But I was thinking this would be like a complete hanging rock, y'know? I was having a total squirm about it an' trying not to give a face. It's supposed to be a fwif. Fun with friends.

Bobby and Bobbi do the Fred Jones thing, probs to go have a happy somewhere. Yeah, they're the twosome of cuteness. Ralphage.

Did we find? I dunno. I got stuck with Zeppo an' goin' through old rooms that had grandfather breath. Loads of it was dark. I could hear everyone getting freaksome all over the place.

I'm not going to Scully over this, but y'know. House from the dawn of time. Creaks. Squeaks. Rats. That's black and gold[1]. But there were shadows from nothing. And noises like someone was behind us. And this one time? Me and Kyle were in polar corners of a void room and someone touched me.

Of course I freaked. I ran like I was after a gold medal.

No, I am the clueless, officer. I got nothing on where the others are. Why's she scopin' me like that? Why's Callowvale gone metropolis overnight? Why can't I go home?

No. You're wrong. It's 1997. It can't be 2016. I did not van-winkle myself through nineteen years. That's messed. I wanna go home.

I just wanna go home.

[1] A brand of generic products with no frills.

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