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Challenge #03990-J338: Satisfying, Needed, and Appreciated

The former CEO surprises everyone and is very happy in their new life. Glad they made this choice. -- Anon Guest

The biggest adjustment in existence is moving from a life that is empty, to one that is full. There was no room for boredom in ex-executive Ptolomaeus Dandalo's new life. There was little room for hir full name, given how busy ze was in hir new home. Ze called hirself Tol, and loved the irony because ze was shorter than the Galactic average human.

There were a great many things to fill hir days.

Galactic Standards gave hir the essentials. Shelter, meals, medical care including therapy and dental work. The rest was up to Tol's skill sets and willingness to work. And if ze was honest with hirself? Ze much preferred being a janitor.

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