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Challenge #01768-D307: The Endless Cycle

"I have heaps of stuff I use and need. I've even got them sorted and stored. So Why do I have to go back and buy stuff?" No matter what you do for a hobby this happens. -- Knitnan

There is an old saying: If you want to fill a space, get a hobby.

It doesn't matter what the hobby is, be it something big, like model building, or something relatively small, like handicrafts. Sooner or later... it happens. SABLE. Stash Above and Beyond Life Expectancy. And it gets much, much worse when interests cross-pollenate and the hobbies multiply.

Rael looked at the storage unit with what could be called a sinking heart if he actually possessed such an organ. He had done floor-to-ceiling clean-outs before, but this was the first with the JOAT who assembled it assisting. "I can see why you're paying me a Month Plus on this one," he said.

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