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Challenge #03296-I008: You Humans and Your Rituals

The Vorax has been practicing, watching the vids of the game, studying the humans movements and coordination. And they request a rematch, besides, that was.. kinda fun.

https://peakd.com/fiction/@internutter/challenge-02472-f282-gg-tho -- Anon Guest

Lesson one of the paint marker game: Clean camouflage colours are actually worse for you. The arena is marked with assorted paint splotches, and one's best bet is to also wear assorted paint splotches. Or get them, which is a losing condition.

Lesson two: Humans are the sneakiest sons of dogs to ever traverse the stellar gulfs.

Lesson three: Hunting humans and virtually killing them is more fun than could be previously believed. The Humans even supplied caloric supplements via their 'pizza' that were shockingly overabundant.

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