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Challenge #02633-G076: For Best Results

you were hired by the local baron to hunt a beast in the forest of veils. you armed yourself with the proper tools and weapons, gather information from the locals about the beast, that when you came across new information from a witch that guard the forest. when you learn the witch location you bolted there. the witch wasn't hostile, friendly even. the witch didn't tell you much, most of it you already know. although there are things that not even the local could tell you. The beast was sealed there by the baron himself, slowly gone mad with thoughts of revenge. Soon it became the cursed veils that cover the forest, and only now the baron sent you to remove the beast. Armed with this knowledge, thinking that the baron might had done something worse what will you do? slay the beast, and let the baron roam free? Or abandon the quest, knowing the baron will send his men after your neck? The witch give you another option: free the beast, but neither you or the witch know what it will do. -- Anon Guest

Marvin hadn't expected his first solo mission to be a moral dilemma. He wished, not for the first time, that Lady Anthe or Wraithvine or even Rumtum Taigr were with him to tell him what to do. Or at minimum debate all the pros and cons with him so a proper standing on the issues at play.

This is your test, sweet boy, Lady Anthe had said. Your coming of age. Just go forward in all your beliefs and thereby prove I am not mistaken in mine. Wraithvine was even less helpful, saying, Your quest, your decisions. Rumtum had been as helpful as he always was, in that he was fast asleep somewhere warm.

The forest of veils had a witch guarding it, keeping people safe if they wished to travel through it. The forest itself was haven and prison alike to the Beast of Veils. Something that hadn't been seen since the Baron had trapped it there. According to the witch, the Beast kept the Baron contained in his lands, and therefore prevented him from warring on the neighbouring city-states.

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