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Challenge #02140-E311: Better Than Greatest

The golden Djinn smiled . "I hereby grant you the greatest gift of them all -- immortality!"

Sara, covered in her enemies blood, while bleeding quite a bit themself, thought fast as they brought out their last fast energy chocolate bar.

"I'm flattered, really. But can I think about it first?" -- Anon Guest

The Djinn didn't understand. Of course they didn't. They were used to life without an end. They had no real long-term consequences to life decisions, because their health was immutable. Their life was unending, and they could magic anything into reality if they so wished. They had no need of food, nor companionship, nor any sense of mourning.

Djnn had no concept of anything ending, other than the general idea was bad. Immortality was therefore the greatest gift they could extend towards any mortal creature. Djinn were dimly aware that mortality had endings, and thought that that was a bad way to arrange things. They didn't know any better.

"Let's get this straight," said Sara. "I don't mind living. Living forever promises to be a box of barnacles. I mean... do I age like a human when I'm immortal? Is it perpetual youth? What if I have some disease that makes me suffer... forever. What if I change my mind so many hundred years down the line? How much can I learn? Do I forget? Will I be stuck in a particular level of understanding as the universe moves on around me? If the scientific community notices and tries to cut me up to find out how it works - will I live through that? Just bits of me in preserving jars, feeling that pain forever? How do injuries work? Do they heal or do they stay like that?"

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