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Challenge #01346-C251: Purse of Holding

Like the Tardis it's 'bigger on the inside'. It can be anything carryable from a Ladies handbag (a notorious source of strange objects), to one of those pull along "granny" trailers, or whatever you like. -- Knitnan

"Here. You'll need this."

It looked like a small, leather pouch. There was some beading on it that had evidently not been designed with hard use in mind. But, it didn't feel like a small, leather pouch. It felt indefinably heavier. "What is this?"

"Bag o' holdin'," said Shayde. "They'll take yer coat, so put yer best-use stuff in tha'."

"Bag. Of holding."

"Less bufferin', more stuff-'er-in," said Shayde. "Time. Essence. Moovit."

At least she'd absorbed the fact that it was rude to go through a JOAT's pockets for them. But this new-found brevity of hers was enough to spur him into cramming all his favourites into the little pouch as fast as he could.

It did not seem to be getting full. He checked the worn and battered exterior and found no holes.

"Five," said Shayde.

Rael continued emptying tools and useful items into the pouch. Including the half-kilo of Wave of the Future brand Faiize dietary supplement that he carried in case of dire dietary emergencies.

By the time he was up to that, Shayde had said 'One'.

And then came the authorities. Intimidating goons, possibly heavyworlders, and they wore augmenting harnesses to ensure that their muscle tone remained in this lower gravity. And -he checked the settings to be certain- that their power would not be impeded if they had to make sudden, fight-like motions.

Shayde didn't have pockets. At least, not ones visible or accessible by the goons. She let them pat her down. When it was Rael's turn, she let them scan the bag (it read empty) and confiscate the coat.

These people obviously did not trust outsiders, even when they called them in to fix something.

"So explain this 'bag of holding' to me," he said, the instant they were out of earshot from the Goons.

"It's a relic from another dimension," said Shayde. "Ye remember tha' game o' mine from the vault trip, aye? Dungeons and Dragons?"

"A baffling game of co-operative storytelling and far too many rules. Yes."

"This is a thing from a place a lot like that. It'll hold way more'n it seems it should, and scanners can only measure the outside."

"Ah," he nodded. "Like your mythical TARDIS, it's bigger on the inside. Dimensionally transcendental, you said."

"Or like any old ladies' purse," Shayde shrugged. "The only difference is that wee thing can hold twenty times what it should. I've only got th' one, so no rippin' it."

That was all the warning he got that Shayde was sent to this paranoid world to steal something for their own good.

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