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Book cover wanted



What I want drawn: The setting is a rainforest-type jungle, loaded with alien plants and strange creatures that look like they belong there. Two figures are prominent. In the foreground, a scientifically-plausible anthropomorphic guinea-fowl wearing a pocketed vest and a small number of over-the-shoulder bags. Her feathers appear, from a distance, to be pale grey. Her arms are a hybrid of wings and tetradactyl(four-fingered) hands. She is clearly in a panic. [If you show the bird-person’s legs, she is also wearing what appears to be leg warmers. All her clothes are Jungle Explorer Khaki]

Behind her, the ‘monster’ of the cover is a red-headed human tweenager in denim overalls and a T-shirt. She is reaching for the bird person in an attitude that could equally be menacing or curious.

How I want it drawn: In a painterly, vintage movie-poster style. Dimensions must be 1600 by 2400 pixels - portrait orientation. There must be room at the top and bottom for the title and the name of the author. [Yes, you can put jungle foliage in that negative space]

What I can pay: $320-$395 USD [Be warned, I am going to be picky about this. Book sales depend on the quality of the work] you will be credited in my book as the cover artist.

How to contact me: email, or send me an ask or a fan-mail via my blog []

Whoomp. There it is.

Any of my dear followers willing to give it a try?