Pripa's Day

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Merry Pripa's Day

To all those Primary Parentals who stay up late, wake up early, sit through sickness, and fret about the health of your little darlings... Grats.

You made it another year without throttling the little shits. Through angst, anguish, frustration, and fear. You made it. And some of them might actually be grateful for the effort.

I'm awake at Awful in the morning because of the so unfabulous combo of Sneezin' and Wheezin' Season plus low pressure system plus what feels like an incipient lurgi.

I've laid in supplies. I'm already living off my peculiar Shandy1 and hoping this goes away. BUT when you can get ten bottles of diet fizzy water for four coins and still get change, you can bet I prepared in the extreme.

Today, we're headed off to the realms of Scenic Coominya by way of MeMum's to visit Capt S and have a celebratory meal. And I shall be valiantly attempting to stay off of the carbs. Because that sort of nonsense flares my Asthma, and in this time of year, it's the last thing I need.

And what y'all need now is story. Working on it RSN. The drawback of staying hydrated is constantly having to pee.

  1. Shandy is usually a mix of a very small amount of alcohol, most often beer, plus lemonade [Sprite to the USians]. In my case, it's ginger beer plus lemonade plus a little bit of orange cordial. All diet so that I don't get any sugar. It's practically a Sham-dy