Prehensile Tails

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Challenge #03566-I277: Overlooked, Underestimated, Deadly

It was rare someone ever did, but these individuals got the drop on Amatu, Wraithvine, and friends. They bound the hands, they bound the feet, they bound the WINGS! But why - oh - why... does everyone forget about the prehensile tails?? Oh well, Amatu's tail, a knife, and some people learning the hard way, you DON'T mess with a person's family! -- Anon Guest

It seemed like a mandatory turn of events. Just when they had a plan, just when it looked like everything was going the way they wanted it to, the random band of bringands turned up and set things into chaos once more.

They had Wraithvine in a special collar that would not allow hir to access magic of any kind. They had Pondermore in strength-sapping shackles. They had Vee, Rawr, and Amatu in regular, everyday rope, but they had been enthusiastic about binding every limb. Every limb but one.

All other things considered, they were suspiciously well-prepared brigands. They might even be minions of Malforence. Especially considering the way they talked about their 'boss'.

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